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Fundada el 1.° de junio de 1533 por Pedro de Heredia. CARTAGENA Capital del departamento de BOLÍVI; es el puerto marítimo principal de su país y uno de los más importantes de América Latina. Se encuentra localizada a orillas del mar Caribe y Desde 1933, el 11 de noviembre en esta ciudad se celebra el día de la elección y coronación de la Señorita Colombia en el Concurso Nacional de Belleza.
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Fruit of the poisonous tree Ashley

In OUR rules there is only one clause: Do what you will... {Englis Version}

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In OUR rules there is only one clause: Do what you will... {Englis Version}

Mensaje por Admin el Lun Sep 24, 2012 5:17 pm

It's all about Freedom


Welcome people on board. It's important for you to know we are ruled by freedom, we ask you for respect,after all respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be. If you are not capable of loving the world around you i'm afraid you are in the wrong place.

You can create many characters as you want, as long as you enjoy them all .
We are not asking you to sing up every single day,it's clear everyone has a life so do not worry about losing your character or avatar cause we completly understand but the staff still ask you to tell us before your absense begings if you know about it so we can properly save your information.

If you don't like a character at all it's simple,do not stay in touch with it, worlds apart instead of conflict betwen users.
ON-Roll everything is allowed,love triangles,rivality,hate,friendship and family ties as long as it doesn't bother the other users involved.

If you want to get an user's email adress you can ask for it in the proper topic,do not ask for MSN via Private message so we can avoid misunderstandings.

On chat box you can use the / slash key followed by "me" ( /me) to express an action
Slash exit (/exit) to disconnect and Slash abs (/abs) to show you're absent. Remember,ALMOST everything that happens on CB stays on CB
we know it's boring to have to act as if we don't know the other person on-roll so you can create a relationship tie with other characters via Chat Box as long as you specify how you met on your personal diary.

You cannot change your avatar,think about it,it's like if you wake up one day looking as a completly different person than you were before. If you want to use one that's already been ocupied the staff will allow you to do it,and if it is the case of a twin or a manipulated genetically clon,only and only if the user that owns the avatar accords.

There's no minimun or maximum of words and lines you can use on-roll by post, sometimes we are inspired,sometimes we don't so i'm not going to deny it and just disallow the way you express yourself. Write as long or as short as you want,ass you please as your imagination is capable of.

We prefer for you to create your own invented characters, in the contrary case you can take a cannon character with no need of a casting roll,there's enough for us to with the quality of your file. If you are searching for a person to complete your life history just tell us so we can help and post it on the "WANTED" Section. As long as we can find it we will be happy for you to get what you were looking for.

As every community we are ANTI-SPAM,remember to be careful and not doing publicity via msn,post,general PM or CB. If you want other people to know about your forum you just have to send a message to the account "TOGETHER AS ONE " Who will be in charge of every kind of publicity.
You can also afiliate QM2 With your forum,as a normal afiliate,elite or being part of our forums fraternity.

You can also have as many posts as you want on the same time,as long as they are all active,if one of them has no response in more than 10 days we will close it,in case you want to open it againg just make us know in the "TOPICS BACK FROM THE SEA " section.

You cannot decide other characters (who do not belong to you) fate,just wait for their reaction and keep acting. That's the funny part,writing a history that depends on every member of QM.

Just be moderated on the size of the images you use,and remember that artists are always welcome,you can create a gallery,make opinnions,make constructive criticism and offer ideas and suggestions,we need you to be what you want QM2 to be.

Hope you understand and agree the requests presented on this topic. If you do,please post your file followed by this image:
Be yourself,feel free to ask and HAVE LOTS OF FUN !!!!


Copyright © 2012 [Solamente los administradores pueden ver este vínculo] all rights reserved.

#One person's freedom ends where the other person's nose begins
La libertad propia termina cuando se pone en riesgo la libertad de otros

# It's important to remember,Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.
Es importante recordar que la sabiduría es poder mientras tú carácter es aquello te hace respetar y ser respetado


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